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Printed in copper on water

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I started this on-line journal mostly so I can use the "friends" function to keep track of the on-line journals I've been reading sporadically anyway, but I also hope that it's at least mildly interesting in its own right.

I'm a member of NESFA and for the last couple of years have been regularly attending Arisia and Boskone. I ran the information desk for N4 and co-edited one of its GoH books. I also edited the souvenir book for Fiddler's Green (the CBLDF benefit convention) and the Boskone book for Boskone 43. For my sins, I co-ran Boskone 43 program.

If I've just friended you and you still don't know who I am, try here.

(I used to hang out in abd-w and rasfc, but don't anymore.)

I work in southern NH in an old mill building, and we regularly get bats inside the building, which I catch and put outside, much to the expressed relief of my co-workers and the implied relief of the bats.

People also sometimes spontaneously bring me small animals. Generally I like this; sometimes it isn't so convenient, such as the time I returned from lunch to find an orphan squirrel in a pasta pot on my desk....

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I have a new Etsy store and some old Cafe Press shops.

batwrangler_pix is the feed for my Flickr account.

I also have dedicated flickr sets for my cross stitch charts and actual works in progress.

You can browse my bookshelves, or at least the portion of them that I've cataloged to date, at Library Thing. (And the "Batwrangler" wishlist at Amazon.com is mine.)

When I remember that I have an account, I also use del.icio.us to organize my bookmarks.

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This LJ features Drama-Free Friending: I'm very casual about friending; I figure pretty much anyone who wants to read my LJ on a regular basis is welcome to it. (If you're in my flist it's probably because I find your posts interesting and am currently trying to keep up with them; I don't have nearly enough time to keep up with all the interesting posts out there, though, so I may trim my flist to keep things managable. Please don't consider it a reflection on you personally if I don't add your LJ to my flist or if I bump your LJ off it. I promise I won't be offended if you do the same.)

LJ subtitle sources:

"Printed in copper on water" from I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.

A juvenile specimen immersed in woodland detritus

A slight difference between racehorses

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